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The Journey Through Manhood Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Below is an essay on "The Journey Through Manhood" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Characters seen trying to accomplish goals we have set for ourselves, even going on the same voyage we go through in life. Linda Seger an author of nine books who reveals the secrets behind successful Hollywood creations earned her MA in Dramatic Arts and Th.D. in Drama and Theology; a woman internationally known as a speaker in the area of Screenwriting. “Creating the Myth” is an article by Linda Seger breaking down stages being the dominant myths used by screenwriters. Seger explains that successful stories are ones that relate closely to human experiences. Furthermore, Baby Boy is an outstanding example of how these stages are applied. John Singleton was the youngest individual and the first African American ever to be nominated for a Best Director Academy Award, with his astonishing 1991 directorial debut Boyz 'N the Hood. Baby Boy is one of Johns’ successful films that revolves around Jody, a misguided, 20 year old who is really a baby boy finally forced to face the commitments of real life. Streetwise and jobless, he has not only fathered two children by two different woman, but still lives with his mother. He can’t seem to strike a balance or find direction in his chaotic life. Jody goes through a healing myth journey when he is called to action not only to better himself, but also for him to fulfill the dream of his family to grow up and be a man for the sake of his family. He is faced with many trials that test his manhood as a result that end his voyage not only accomplishing adult responsibilities, but also restoring his family.
Now that he is no longer the only man in the house, Jody begins to feel as if his mom will put him out, this being where he begins to realize his call to action which helps him internally grow. Seger states that the third hero myth is when the character feels comfortable where they are “…doesn’t want to leave. He/ She is a reluctant hero, afraid of the unknown" (handout). Jody was never made to mature until this period of his...

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