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The Journey To Redemption Essay

  • Submitted by: meganalexis
  • on November 14, 2010
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When reading the complex novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini—many notice common elements between the series of an archetypal journey and Amir’s story of adventure. Although several book enthusiasts would not acknowledge Amir’s story as an adventure, Amir has been “peeking into a deserted alley for the last twenty-six years” (1) until his life is turned around as he receives a phone call from Rahim Kahn who allures Amir to Afghanistan in search for Hassan’s child. While he turns down the call at first, he comes to terms that this opportunity is his only chance for reparation—a chance to “be good again” (2). Within the steps of an archetypal journey—Amir encounters many trials and tribulations as he is linked to many friends and enemies. A man by the name of Farid becomes Amir’s counselor and companion; Farid helps guide Amir through the steps that come ahead. In every heroic journey, there is a foreboding and unenlightened point. Amir’s dispute with Assef is what contributes to the step of Innermost Cave, where Amir descends into an “underworld”. Amir’s brawl with Assef helps takes down the climax of the story. After the rich happenings between Amir and Assef—doors open to Amir for unfamiliar beginnings. Because of Amir’s return to new knowledge, Amir can now proceed to clasp what he was in search for all along. Through the departure, initiation, road of trials, and innermost cave—Amir returns with the thing he sought out for, Sohrab; Sohrab the boy with “a smile. Lopsided. Hardly there. But there” (370). Amir restored fertility to Hassan and his family while trying to restore his own peace within. Thus, as Amir concludes his journey. However, disparate readers continue to ask whether Amir has really gained redemption. Unfortunately, he did not. Amir’s deep ocean of secrets is what causes his struggle for atonement. Despite that some of his difficult tasks display heroic qualities—doing the right thing does not necessarily erase the past; the past always “claws...

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