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The Kite Runner Essay

  • Submitted by: mahsanaji
  • on October 24, 2010
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Khaled Hosseini in his novel “The Kite Runner” illustrates Amir—the narrator—an Afghan boy who moved to united states at the age of 12 and lives in San Francisco since then. Amir has   memories about his past that he can't forget. He remembers his servant as well as a friend Hassan, Kabul, and an “unatoned sin”.
He receives a call from his friend Rahim khan, and at that time he could remember Rahim telling him “ there is a way to be good again”. In the second chapter Amir remembers his childhood. Hassan and Amir had a lot of funn together. He describes Hassan 's face as chinese doll chiseled from hardwood; he has clef lip and his family are hazara and shia muslim. Hassan was loyal to Amir and he would never say no to Amirs requests and he would also take all the blames for any thing wrong they had done. Amir then talks about his father “Baba's” house which is one of the most beautiful houses in that area. Amir father was a wealthy man. He used to spend a lot of time with people talking about politic, business, and succor   but he wouldn't spend much time with Amir and that bothered amir as a child. Hassan and his father live in mud shack on Amirs father property. Amir and Hassan grew up together like brothers. Amir mom died when she was giving birth to him while hassan's mom left him a week after he was born.

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