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The Little Things Matter Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Jami Petry
Individual work Week 4

The Little Things Matter

In May 2009 I met a man that I never thought would still be with ma today. A year and a half went by and I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I then decided it was time to get me G.E.D. Which didn’t take me long to receive. After obtaining my G.E.D I started reading books upon books to prepare myself for this bundle of joy that was well on her way. Little did I know that even though you read all the books you are still never fully prepare for what a child has in store for you.   Not only was being a first time mom scary as hell I had someone that was there beside that was just as scared. We learn from each other when parenting, we are a team that grows stronger with one another and it has been making me a stronger woman day by day.
Being a first time mother was very difficult especially growing up with only father I was freaked out. Of course as soon as I gave birth to me daughter I started working. I debated for awhile on when would be a good time to go to college and where I would go. I knew that I wanted to spend time being a mother and enjoying the joy of having a baby girl in my life. You can’t be perfect when raising I child you’re going to have your moments where you need to step away. One thing I can say that If I couldn’t handle it I knew my fiancé could. Where I lacked he gained and where I gained he lacked. No one could tell how worried we where that we weren’t doing it right, but everyone always complemented on   how good we were doing for being first time parents.
After nine months of looking for something that would fit my schedule I finally found a a school. With help and encouragement from my fiancé I finally made the effort and got enrolled into online college. Although after the first three months of school I was excited to continue and egger to learn. When I received my new classes I slowly started to loose interest in what I was studying. Still...

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