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The Mission Questions Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Review Questions for “The Mission”
    1. Who are the main characters of this film? The main characters of this film are Father Gabriel, Rodrigo Mendoza, Cardinal Altamirano, Don Cabeza and the Guarani Native American tribe. Father Gabriel is a Spanish Jesuit priest who created a Christian mission in the South American jungle to convert the Guarani Native Americans to Christianity. Rodrigo Mendoza started the movie as a mercenary who captured Guarani Indians to sell to nearby plantations. When Mendoza found his wife cheating on him with his brother, he stabbed his brother. After this, Mendoza felt extreme guilt and sought repentance from the Jesuit people and the Guarani. Mendoza is accepted by the Guarani and eventually becomes a Jesuit priest. When the mission is attacked, Mendoza breaks his Jesuit ideals and fights the colonists. Cardinal Altamirano, also referred to as his Eminence, was chosen to go visit Father Gabriel’s mission with the intention of shutting it down so the Portuguese could gain that land for colonization. Cardinal Altamirano saw how real and productive the missions where, but he had to shut them down because of political pressure. Don Cabeza is the Spanish governor who teams up with the Portuguese general to shut down the Guarani mission. The Guarani Native Americans were a tribe that lived in the South American jungle before they were converted to Christianity by Father Gabriel and other Jesuits. Very few Guarani Native Americans survived the attack on their mission.
    2. What is the setting and general atmosphere that surrounds the lands and people at this time? “The Mission” takes place around 1750 in South America. During this time, Jesuits were creating missions for Native American tribes in the South American jungle in hopes to convert the tribes to Christianity. The missions were successful and prospering until Spain and Portugal signed a treaty giving Portugal the Spanish land that the missions were built on. This created...

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