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The Most Dangerous Game Essay

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  • on November 6, 2010
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The Most Dangerous Game

Have you ever wondered why a book is so good? It’s because of the setting of course, and in The Most Dangerous Game the setting is one of the most important aspects.
The most dangerous game was set was a deserted island… or so it was said to be deserted. From the sharp, pointy rocks off the coast to the thick, deep jungle the island screamed, “Come if you dare!!!”   If you visited the forbidding island, your stay would most likely be cut short. Rainsford had no choice, it was do or die. This setting is so fitting for this book because it portrays the fear and the eeriness about the island.
One of the best things about the islands’ setting was the jungle where the hunt took place. Imagine being in the middle of the big, leafy forest late at night with tall trees piercing the cool night air. Someone is lurking around also in a position unknown to you; this person is trying to kill you. Just that description makes me stand on end! The jungle is also a great place for the setting because it camouflages the rest of the island from outsiders who might find the real truth behind the island. The jungle is a place that may not look sinister to all on the first glance, but the jungle does not tell all by day; it is night when it shows its true colors.
Another one of the best settings in the book was General Zaroff’s mansion.   The house is normal (by creepy standards) on the outside, but the inside tells all. This is where the magic happens. Zaroff lets his prey stay the night and the next day the hunt begins. Just knowing you are stuck in that place with the dogs below your window would by terrifying!   The nice dinners and soft beds all have to be overlooked to see it bloodthirsty owner.
The setting of this story builds suspense by keeping the eerie darkness hidden from the human eye. When Rainsford first got on the island he did not know what to expect from it or any inhabitants on it. He soon learned that the inside is more paralyzing...

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