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The Music Today - in Contrast to Yesterday's Music Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Music Today - in Contrast to Yesterday's Music" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Since the 1980’s, lyrics from popular music have displayed more references to sex by each decade. In the 1980’s, the recording artists of that time sang about love and romance. Not only that, but they treated their partner with respect. The music from the 1990’s changed just a little bit by making some more references to sexual behavior. Although this happened, the way that it was done was not too inappropriate and the lyrics were still romantic. In the 2000’s, the lyrics of popular songs changed dramatically in terms of sexual reference and there is hardly any love or passion.
Prince released a new single called “When Doves Cry” in 1984. In the beginning of this song, Prince displays love and passion for the woman that he is singing about in his lyrics when he sings “Dig if you will the picture of you and I engaged in a kiss.” Another song where affection is indicated but is not too explicit is “Say Say Say” by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. In this song, Paul and Michael are singing to a woman asking her about what they could possibly do to win her heart. Michael does this and he declares his love for the woman in his part of the song when he sings “What can I do, girl, to get through to you/’Cause I love you baby.” In “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)” by Phil Collins, Phil talks about how much he misses the girl that he lost. He talks about how he regrets letting her go when he says “How can I just let you walk away – just leave without a trace.” He goes on to talk about how much he misses her when he says “So take a look at me now – well, there’s just an empty space/And there’s nothing here to remind me – just the memory of your face.” In Lionel Richie’s song,
“Hello,” he passionately described the things that he thought and dreamed about doing with the lady in his life when he said “I’ve been alone with you/Inside my mind/And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips/A thousand times.” Later on in this song, he goes on to proclaiming his love for her...

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