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The O.J Simpson Trial Verdict Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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The O.J Simpson trial verdict was a trial that gripped the country with its issues of race, wealth, and beauty. This trial brought the issues of racism and money to the table of American society. The verdict of the O.J Simpson trial was a verdict that shocked the country and had many effects on the Criminal Justice System.
  October 3 1995, was a day that upset the Criminal Justice system. It was a day that an African American man was found not guilty for the murder of a beautiful white woman. The reading of the verdict was quiet shocking to the country, beings as though this was a black man accused of killing someone who was white. This was surprising because a person of color usually receives a penalty after this sort of accusation. Since this has been the norm, a verdict like this was extremely shocking. Though this case was seen as a Black and White issue, truth of the matter is it wasn’t. The problem wasn’t the color black or white. It was green.
  Orenthal James Simpson was indeed a very wealthy man. He hired the best defense team money could buy. Since Simpson had such a strong defense, this made it more likely for him to win his case. People who are wealthy tend to have an upper hand in the Criminal Justice system. They have the money to buy the best attorneys or even bribe or pay people off. In the system poor people tend to get the shaft while the rich get the upper hand. For example, if a poor man goes and steals a bag of chips from the corner store, he is more likely to get the highest degree of punishment, seeing as though he may have a free attorney who does not want to represent him. But, if an extremely wealthy man steals money from 30 people’s savings account, he is more likely to win his case because he can hire a great defense team.  
  Though people discuss issues of race in this case, this isn’t the actual problem. The underline issue there was the money. It seems the money in the case appealed more so than the evidence. This shows that...

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