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The Piano Lesson Essay

  • Submitted by: chalandra31
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Chalandra Washington
Ms. Lesley Dancer
Introduction to Theatre
30 April 2012

    The play I went to see was called “The Piano Lesson” by August Wilson. The play was held at “Mosaic
The director was Ms. Sheila Glasscock.   The theme of the play was about a brother and a sister fighting
Over an old piano, that they both wanted for different reasons.   The piano has family values and morals
Set behind it.
  Boy Willie was the oldest brother out of two kids. He was a hardworking man who only
Wanted to own his own land. And he felt the only way he could do that was by selling his
Family’s piano. You see Boy Willie’s father died trying to get that piano. He was killed on the
Yellow dog (train) for that piano. And he feels that his father would want him to sell the piano
If he could make a better living for his self. I feel that Boy Willie was true to the play and the
Production. Boy Willie’s theatrical conditions were okay. He was believable and he stayed in
Character. His voice was perfect it had the perfect volume and tempo. And his voice had a nice
Quality. Boy Willie’s interpretation was just want I expected it was straight forward and direct.
Stage with him. Boy Willie reached all his climaxes in the play he stayed true to his character
From the beginning to the end. I felt that Boy Willie and lyeiman had a great connection and
Worked well together. Boy Willie connected very orally and visually to the audience. Bernice
Was Boy Willie’s sister. Bernice was very uptight self-absorbed. She has a 12 year old daughter
And she holds a grudge against her brother. She thinks her brother is responsible for her husband
Getting killed. The reason Bernice doesn’t want to sell the piano is because she says her mother
Cleaned that piano for years with her blood, sweat and tears. The piano has a more sentimental
Value to her. That piano has been in their family for generations. It has her ancestor’s pictures
Engraved in the piano. And she...

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