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The Planners Essay

  • Submitted by: aishakhan789
  • on November 17, 2013
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The planners
Literary terms:
  * Alliteration – “dental dexterity,” “gleaming gold”
  * Groups of three – “They plan. The build. All spaces are gridded.”
  * Allegory – represents a general idea about life – teaches a life lesson. E.g. how nature is neglected for technology or perfection. Stop focusing on being perfect, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes it’s how you learn.
  * Imagery – “even the sea draws back and the skies surrender.”
  * Caesura – sudden pause or break - “They plan. They build. All spaces are gridded.”
  * Oxymoron – “our past’s tomorrow”
  * Repetition – The word “they” is used very frequently. I think it’s used to emphasize and, in a way, blame the “planners” for the dramatic change they’ve caused.
  * Vivid language
  * Writing is directed towards change and is emphasizing the negative part of change
  * First stanza is overview and leads the reader into the genre and theme
  * Second stanza goes into depth of the problem and there’s an angrier vibe to the poem
  * Most important, and obvious, theme is change
  * Man vs. Nature
  * Man vs. Technology
  * There’s also the idea of perfection and uniformity
  * Also, there is anger present in some lines
  * Everything is set up and there’s no room for mistakes. Mathematics is used therefore, everything is specific and right. There is no room for creativity.
  * Roads are straight -   buildings are straight everything is the same. Mathematics is holding them up, very reliable on modern day technology to insure everything is always perfect.
  * Unstoppable machines – technology, no control.
  * Greatest, unstoppable natural things are drawn back from such a huge project. Larger than the largest. Skyscrapers and land have taken over seas and skies. Seas draw back from fear and skies surrender in abandon.
  * Getting rid of mistakes. Technological change because humans can’t erase mistakes but all these machines and construction machines can easily...

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