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The Prince Today Essay

  • Submitted by: jjlowe58
  • on October 25, 2010
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The Prince Today
Many leaders all over the world have been through many crisis of their own. Some reacted to such crises with calmness and great strategy, others with rashness and folly. A leader of any country, the United States for example, should always act on correct and sincere knowledge when engaging with enemies. Furthermore, a leader should always be honest and remain to his word which he gives his citizens.
The Vietnam War took place from the year 1959 to April 30th, 1975. During those 16 years, five different presidents served the United States of America, but none of them attempted to unveil exactly how the war started. As a leader, it is to his own benefit, to act based on correct knowledge. It was truly astonishing when the news of the false intelligence came out, “The intelligence that ‘North Vietnam attacked the US war vessels with torpedoes on 4 August 1964’, which led to clashes, was discovered to be untrue” (Daily World EU News). How can a leader lead the country when he acted on false intelligence and started a war that killed so many innocents? Thus, a leader should always check on his intelligences and never to be fooled by others. Furthermore, in the most recent war, it is stated that it was also a mishap of the leader of our country, which our leader had once again acted on false intelligences. During a session in the Congress, “….Said she[Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)] was ‘deeply troubled’ that the evidence she had been given on Iraq's alleged stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons ‘turned out to be incorrect.’” (Curtius). This false evidence had contributed to the start of the Iraq War; many senators voted in favor of the war all based on this once piece of false information. A leader should have reconsidered his options when he found out the intelligence which lead to the war was incorrect. Leaders who acted upon false intelligences will always fall because when the truth comes out, he will lose all the power he had with his...

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