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The Rationale of Plastic Surgery Essay

  • Submitted by: missmirara
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Rationale of Plastic Surgery
      Plastic surgery is a controversial issue among the society now. For some people, there is not agreed about undergo plastic surgery because they are grateful and appreciative with their natural beauty appearance what god gave to them and for Muslim’s religion does not give Muslim’s change appearance have been given by Allah. Every countries now has a plastic surgery specialist but the problem is want to undergo plastic surgery the cost is very expensive, that why has some people not agreed about the plastic surgery .Beside the risk for undergo plastic surgery is very high. Even though there are many criticisms among society regarding plastic surgery there are several reason that it should be accepted due to : improves self-confidence ,enhancement of income in economic and health purpose.
      First of all, the reason people are undergoing plastic surgery to seek for their self –esteem in order to increase and enhance their self-confidence with their newly impressed and bright appearance. Some people are simply happy to live with their original appearance without bothering to go under the knife for their new appearance because they appreciate and being grateful with their natural and beauty appearance that god awarded to them. The world that we live in, it is uneasy to ignore the social imposition on the standard of beauty. They might question, is it there something wrong with their look? So, they lose their self-esteem. An increasing number of people are choosing to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery to change what they think as physical imperfection and to improve their self-esteem. From the study, in “A Review of Psychosocial Outcomes for patients seeking Cosmetic Surgery,” Honigman, Katharine, and David,(2004) have reported that patients were satisfied with positive result from plastic surgery which also can boost up their self-esteem. On the other hand, people tend to undergo plastic surgery because they were under...

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