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The Removalists - Spoken Word Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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How does the spoken word highlight the important concerns of the composer about the world of their texts?
There is a force behind the spoken word that enables it to be a powerful tool. In prescribed text ‘The Removalists’ , a powerplay written by David Williamson and poem ‘Weapons Training’ by poet Bruce Dawe, we see language being used to manipulate, belittle, threaten and even abuse. The two Australian texts are set around the time the Vietnam War was at its prime;   while it is not set in the war, there are often references in the form of Australian slang ‘The Removalists’ is said to be Williamson’s take on Australia’s contemporary attitudes to violence. Throughout the texts, there is an exploration of the power of authority amongst those of high ranks, violence and sexualisation. Although it is a play that is set to be humorous, it also brings forth the concept of police corruption.  
In an attempt to find out his father’s occupation, Sergeant Dan Simmonds uses language in the form of bullying Ross. Power structure is evident during the first act as Simmonds feels the need to express his superiority over the young recruit.   (loudly) “Look Ross. I’m in authority here and I’ll decide what’s my business and what isn’t my business.”   After one too many taunts, Ross strikes at Simmonds the evidence of his corruption as a policeman. (aggressively)”What in the bloody hell do you do then? You never draw a gun, you never make an arrest. What in the bloody hell do you do?” As Ross was perceived as a timid character, this provokes one of Simmonds’s anecdotes which explore the heavy theme of misogyny in the play “…we got this hysterical little tart fronting at the station yelling ‘Rape’. Quite common ‘round her in the summer. At any rate we gave her an aspirin….Turned out to be the biggest bike in the district…” As the play was set in a time when women’s rights were only just being recongised, this would have been considered the standard procedure in dealing with women’s’...

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