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The Role of Social Marketing in Social Mobilization Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Part IV: The Role of Social Marketing in Social Mobilization
Social Marketing for Social Mobilization
Defining Social Mobilization
• Social Mobilization is the process of bringing together all feasible and practical intersectoral allies to raise people’s awareness of and demand for a particular development program to assist in the delivery of resources and to strengthen community participation for sustainability and self-reliance.

• Integrative process where stakeholders are stimulated to become participants in social change, using diverse strategies to meet shared goals.
Defining Social Marketing
• Social Marketing is a set of integrative activities aimed at making the clientele accept a product or practice. It is involved with attempting to bring about behaviour change by researching and communicating specific messages to specific target audiences (McKee 1992).
• “the design, implementation and control of programs aimed at increasing the acceptability of a social idea or practice in one or more group of target adopters"(Kotler and Zaltman, 1971).

• A process that has narrower scope than social mobilization. It is integrated in the wider-scoped process of social mobilization.

• The social marketing process involves three major activities- environmental scanning, stakeholder analysis, and objectives and strategies formulation.

Goal of Social Marketing
Social marketing aims to "reach" one or a number of target groups in order to initiate and effect changes in their ideas and behavior. The starting point of social marketing, therefore, is getting to know the target audience thoroughly through market research: its social and demographic makeup (economic status, education, age structure, and so on), its psychosocial features (attitudes, motivations, values, behavioral patterns), and its needs.

Elements of Social Marketing (Marketing Mix)
1. Product
What the audience gets or what you offer; can be tangible items, intangible benefits, or the...

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