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The Somebody Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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The Somebody and I’m a Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy
Alanna Best
The criminal mind is a complex thing, humans are not born with a criminal mind. One might be developed during ones upbringing, and no one knows how to prevent it from happening or what problems will develop as the child grows older. In the short stories “The Somebody” and “I’m a Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy” the central characters demonstrate the qualities of a criminal. Both narrators’ personalities are dominated by the traits of impulsivity, lack of understanding of consequences, and a disconnection from those around them. In these stories one is able to get a glimpse into the narrator’s heads. In doing so a person can get an understanding of how they think or, in this case don’t think. The characters think in the spur of the moment and don’t think of the consequences their actions may cause. This way of thinking may have been caused in their child hood because of their lack of connection with people that were close to them. Most likely they push away the people that loved them and didn’t want their affection for an unknown reason. This lack of connection with people close to you has the potential to cause one to become impulsive and or careless.
Impulsivity in a human being can be very dangerous, especially when mixed with a criminal mind. The characters from “The Somebody” and “I’m a Mad Dog Biting Myself for Sympathy” don’t think like one should. They think in the spur of the moment and just do whatever they want. In Chato’s case, he hastily writes his name on things because in his mind, he believes that when he does so, whatever he writes his name on automatically becomes his. In the short novel “The Somebody”, Chato has an interaction with a young lady that admires his tags and she showed it by drawing a heart around his name and signing it with lip stick. Chato for a short moment came up with the idea that they could tag together but shoots it down and swiftly starts an...

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