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The Stable Family Essay

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  • on November 23, 2012
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Argument of Definition Defining the American Family
Ask twenty people to give you the definition of family; you may get twenty different answers.   Ask the same twenty people to describe a stable family they are more likely to give you a more unify common answer.   Most people would define a stable family as a family with a father, mother, a couple of children and a dog, living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood (Colombo , Cullen and Lisle 18).   Although this definition may very well describe a stable family, it is not the blueprint of a stable family.   A stable family is best defined as a family that is resistant to change, deterioration or displacement (Stability).
There is no doubt that having a family consisting of a father and a mother is the preferred family structure, the argument is that such structure does not always equate a stable family.   The environment that is created by a family is far more important than its structural make up.   According to an article by research communication of Ohio State University, children of a dual parent household may have some advantages over children from a single parent home, but these advantages may be because of family stability rather than the fact that they live in a two-parent household (Family stability). The article also claims that when it comes to academic ability and behavior problems, children from a stable single-parent household perform as well as children from a family of married parents (Family stability). Obviously not all families with a married mother and father are stable and not all single parent families are stable, hence the need to clearly define the stable family as one that is resistant to change and deterioration.   Claire Dush, an assistant professor at the Ohio State University, define stable families as such
Stable single parent families were defined as those where the children always lived only with the single parent.   Stable married families were those in which the children always lived...

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