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The Storm Essay

  • Submitted by: johnnamartinez1
  • on November 23, 2012
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Johnna Martinez
Veronique Kaemerer
English 1102-302
August 8, 2012
Argumentative Essay
The importance of Marriage/Cohabitation

In the nineteenth century, marriage had been known to be traditionally dominated by the man while the women were expected to be submissive under any circumstances. When one thinks of marriage, the image of happiness, love, trust and passion are the main assumptions that are relevant to the concept. People do not always get married because of love; finance, stability, pregnancy, and perhaps, loss of hope all contribute to the perception of marriage. Wedlock is not always defined as love, trust or happiness. With that being said, passion is not always a necessity in marriage itself. In the following short stories: “A Rose for Emily,” “The Lottery,” “The Storm,” “Desiree’s Baby,” and “The Story of an Hour,” each of the characters had their own form of a love tragedy. Although none of the short stories resulted in a perfect marriage, the characters Bobinot and Calixta from “The Storm” had the best marriage of all of the short stories. Their marriage was the only one that did not conclude in death or misery, yet ended in betrayal. Marriages similar to the marriage of Bobinot and Calixta exist despite of unhappiness and lack of passion.
The short story “The Storm” was set in the nineteenth century. It was in that time frame when women were not expected to express their displeasure and unhappiness in their marriages. The affair between Calixta and Alcee had occurred while Calixta’s husband and child were away from home at the local grocery store. There was an undeniable attraction between Calixta and Alcee, yet they had not seen each other that often after they had both gotten married. Since the communication was limited to none, the affair was not premeditated. Despite their intentions, it still happened while they were both involved in separate marriages. Calixta was quite hesitant before the affair occurred. As the narrator explains,...

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