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The Study of Grammar Essay

  • Submitted by: pregis828
  • on November 17, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Study of Grammar" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

3 Nov. 2013

The English language has significantly changed over hundreds of years, but the importance of grammar has always remained the same. From formal communication to informal colloquial language, grammar is a highly important key to communication that continually transcends throughout time as an important aspect of our constantly evolving language. It is what ensures that we can effectively express any thoughts and concepts that we may wish to share with one another. Speaking or writing incorrect grammar can be just as hard to understand as speaking a foreign language to someone who does not understand it. English is widely learned and used all across the world, and without grammar even the most fluent of speakers would have issues in communication.
English is the primary grammatical standard for the world we live in today. In all aspects of life, such as business, medicine, education, government and much more. English is most popularly used as a first language, and it is also frequently used in countries as either a second language, or as a common language among many different ethnicities.   As it expands through many different communities and over vast areas of land, the language has developed many different ‘styles’ among groups of people, styles commonly known as dialects. Different accents, phrasing and word choices are used but the language basis is the same creating a vastly diverse basis of communication. Some of the more prominent different dialects of English can be seen by comparing American English, Australian English, and English used in Great Britain. Also, within each of these dialects, there are even more subtypes of dialects. In the Unites States, there are large differences between the northern and the southern, as well as the eastern coast and western coasts. Considered a ‘melting pot’, the United States is a great example of the ability for language to be expanded and vastly changed, but it still remains the same with...

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