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The Thing Essay

  • Submitted by: ciel131
  • on November 18, 2013
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EightParts ofSpeech GrammarBook

                                                                                                                THAT’S RIGHT!

Grammar is beyond essential to the English language, everyday life, and business. Though using proper grammar seems unimportant, stereotypes cause people with bad grammar to seem ghetto, uneducated, and poor. If people think these things about you, you’re most likely to have less friends and job opportunities. Also, you may fail an important test. Due to this, you’re chances of going to collage could greatly decrease. Without a degree, you can’t have a good career. Basically, you’ll be flipping burgers or sweeping floors!
    Not only is grammar essential to your life, but it effects your loved ones too. For example, your parents would want you to speak using proper vocabulary. This generation uses LOL’s and JK’s in texts. It has made kids and teenagers immune to using incorrect abbreviations and greatly affected their speaking skills. I’m sure you would want to make you parents or guardian proud.   More awards would be given to you because you’d get better grades. I’m sure making your parents proud is one of your priorities.
    Last but not least, you must use proper grammar to communicate clearly. Imagine yourself speaking to a few people and you make a grammar mistake. It seems like the mistake wouldn’t be a big deal. However, it could cause people to misunderstand the message.   For instance, let’s say that you   mean to tell a friend that it is your birthday. Yet instead of saying “Today is my birthday”, you say “ It’s my b-day”. Your friend might be confused and not know what to say or that it’s your birthday.

Noun- A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea

Example: The girl talked to her friends.

Common nouns- a noun specifically names a person place, thing, or idea

Example: Johnny’s phone was an Android.
Concrete Noun- a noun that...

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