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The Truman Doctrine Essay

  • Submitted by: tqcassy
  • on November 25, 2012
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The Truman Doctrine:

Letarsha McNeill

Pol 300
Dr. John R. Cronin
November 11, 2012

The Truman Doctrine:

    War had destroyed many parts of the world in 1945. From Great Britain to all of Europe, everyone was feeling the effects that this terrible thing placed on them. Rebuilding, reestablishing, and downsizing were what was needed to get each country back on track. Sad to say, communism was still lingering in the hearts of many people, especially the Soviet Union.
In 1945, President Truman never realized the importance of foreign policy. The war was now over, soldiers were coming home, and downsizing the military was his main focus for the United States. Moving forward meant now for the United States to focus on home. Truman focused on lowering the deficit, while returning on the vast economic boom that the war created. (Ojserkis, 2003). Little did everyone know that the Soviets had other plans for the world, Europe, and foreign policy?
The Soviets ware very upset about the outcome of WWII. They wanted to spread communism all over Europe, ensuring that they would become a huge superpower. (Ojsekis, 2003). Training became harder in the military. Weapons, tyranny, and power were now the real flames behind the Soviet Union and Europe domination. (Spalding, 2006). The Kremlin moved into this position by forcing military forces into lands and causing starvation on the people. This made it easier to enforce their Marxist form of government on all of Europe. (Spalding, 2006).
Moving into the northern part of Iran in December 1946, the Soviets forced their way with tyranny, taking over the people and the land. (Lykogiannis, 2002). Surprisingly, along with Iran, Greece and Turkey were now being invaded by communism. The British were trying to help Greece and Turkey maintain their freedom from communism, but could not finish. They now understood they could not afford taking on the responsibility of Greece and Turkey....

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