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The War Between the Classes by Gloria D.Miklowitz //Changes That Happened to Amy Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Heghine Grigoryan
Changes that Happened to Amy.
The novel The War Between the Classes is an excellent book which was written by Gloria D. Miklowitz in 1985. It is about a high-school class that plays the “Color Game”, a sociological experiment, held in 1979 by Ray Otero. The so-called “Color Game” concerns racism and sexism in a fictional society and it’s designed to make the participants aware of these facts.   The main character in the book is a Japanese girl, Emiko, who has become Amy at school and remains Emiko at home. The whole story is told “through her eyes” that gives us a very detailed impression what she thinks about several situations and aspects of her life and her surroundings. Throughout the novel we can see which important changes happen to her: a major change in her character, her relationship with Adam, and her relationship with her parents.
First of all, I’d like to start with a major change in her character by representing her personality. The first impression which she gives us is that she is a responsible young girl who really cares about other people’s feelings and opinions. From the first pages of the book we can clearly see that when she was going to luau dance with her boyfriend, Adam, she glanced in the mirror and felt “too” Oriental, but then she asked herself, “But, wasn’t that what Adam liked?”. This small part of the book gives us a hint about her character. Also, she never speaks up even if there is disagreement about other people’s opinions, or when she disagrees with someone’s opinion. She lacks of self-confidence in a way because she never knows what the others think about her and always fears of being discriminated against. That makes her keep a sharp eye on them because she feels unprotected, by being Japanese. She thinks that she’s only accepted in Adam’s group of friends because she is his girlfriend. For that reason she has created a special behavior to be accepted by “whites”. So by times she is...

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