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The Way to End College Shootings Essay

  • Submitted by: jmatl1211
  • on November 19, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The Way to End College Shootings" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Did you know that over 150 people have died from school shootings in the past decade?   Currently, the Texas government is pushing to pass a bill that allows guns on college campuses.   This bill should be passed because it will provide many benefits for colleges throughout Texas.   The Texas government needs to allow select faculty on college campuses to carry a personal firearm because crime rates will go down, which will create a safer environment for college students, and because it is everyone’s constitutional right.
First of all, crime rates will go down if select faculty on college campuses are allowed to carry a personal firearm.   In Switzerland, every male is required to keep a military assault rifle in his home.   Because of this, the crime rates in Switzerland are very low; among the lowest in the world.   Also, every handgun in Switzerland is registered, so nobody is allowed to own an uncertified firearm.   In addition, anyone with a felony in Switzerland cannot keep a firearm, so any criminal can’t legally own or buy a gun (“Rocky Mountain News” 9B).   These examples about Switzerland prove that having a concealed handgun on college campuses will decrease crime rates.   As crime rates subside, students will have a much safer environment and feel much more secure with the knowledge that someone is protecting them.   Only faculty should be allowed to carry a firearm because faculty are more mature and self-controlled than students and therefore are much less likely to use a firearm for purposes other than self-defense (“Houston Chronicle” 11).   Also, there have been many college shootings recently, and many people died because nobody close by had a firearm to protect the faculty and students (“Austin American-Statesman” A06).   In addition, if many trained faculty are armed with firearms, a criminal is much less likely attack the students in the first place.   For these reasons, students will have a safer environment rather than a more dangerous one if select...

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