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The World Is Flat Essay

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The World is Flat Critique

In the World is Flat by Thomas Friedman, he initiates that globalization, politics and technology are changing the world. He believes that the change begun within the last couple of years and will continue to expand.   In his book, he clearly is warning that America is not ready for it and gives examples on how instead of fighting it, Americans should embrace it. He noticed the global economy changes happening “while he was sleeping” or right before his eyes could see in Bangalore, India.   Friedman seems very knowledgeable in his findings, persuasive and passionate about his work.

I found his readings to be so true and it really came clear to me while reading it. I think American’s need to become more updated on their technology instead of waiting for it to pass us by. The basics for success is to be quick, knowledgeable and determined.   He discusses the rules of what companies are going to see. The rules include “whatever can be done, will be done” meaning if it is not done by you then it will be done by someone else seconds later.   In order to succeed the imagination has to be quick and there will be much competition. He uses an example when he asked a man in Silicon Valley who ran a logo business globally.   Friedman asked the man where his office was in which he upheld his Blackberry meaning he only needs his phone to run a business.

      The second rule coincides with the first where “whatever can be done will be done, the most competition today is between you and your imagination,” meaning that America needs to be more imaginative, creative and quicker than other countries such as China in order to be successful.   The third rules describes that the way smaller countries grow “in the flat world is by learning to act really big.” Friedman continues by saying that America needs to be creative, yet smart about it. In rule 4, the customers are demanding the requests and changing the way businesses run.   The companies that were...

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