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The Write Stuff Essay

  • Submitted by: greatestfreakout
  • on November 15, 2010
  • Category: English
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Below is an essay on "The Write Stuff" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Analyse the way in which language is used to present a point of view in the magazine article
The writer of ‘The Write Stuff’ uses different persuasive techniques to persuade the reader that writing a letter today means much more to someone than a fast and efficient email. Persuasive techniques help the reader to come to a conclusion that the fast writer’s opinion is agreeable. The persuasive techniques in this text are used to engage and influence the reader by using inclusive language, rhetorical questions and use of experts.
A rhetorical question is a question in which the answer is so obvious it is not required. The idea in this text is not to receive an answer, merely to reinforce a point. In this way, it is a powerful manipulating device. The writer uses the questions ‘Isn’t it better to make a gift instead of buying one’ and ‘Isn’t it better to enjoy a stroll rather than hopping into a car?’ This provides evidence to the theory that the harder option is sometimes more meaningful by liking the car and the bought gift to emails and a stroll and handmade gift to a handwritten email. Using one sentence after another means that these questions create a more powerful effect as there are 2 examples which provide the reader with more evidence that the writers opinion is correct. Rhetorical questions invite or challenge readers to agree with the argument and it makes the point to readers that you couldn’t possibly disagree. Rhetorical questions require common sense from the reader which concludes that it is a very powerful language technique used to persuade the reader in agreeing with the writer in ‘The Write Stuff.’
In the text ‘The Write Stuff,’ inclusive language is applied to make the reader feel engaged and drawn in to the text. Inclusive language aims to directly address the reader, either personally or as a member of a shared group. This type of language technique involves using words such as us, we, you or our which is seen in the text. This engages the...

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