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Thematic Essay in Response to All but My Life

  • Submitted by: NICKOLAI
  • on November 25, 2012
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Thematic Essay in Response to All But My Life
Jane Schaffer writing strategy mainly focuses on the setting of the paragraphs so that they are effective. It focuses on the importance of structuring the paragraph in a way that captures important information and the attention of the reader. It states the importance of ensuring that the topic sentence, TS, shows the main idea and contains concrete information. The middle sentences, CD, are to contain the concrete information about the topic. Then there are commentary statements, CM. These give additional information and mainly aim at giving explanations. They also give analytical views or interpretations about any information given earlier. Finally, there are the concluding statements, CS, of the paragraph. These rephrase the main idea but are shorter. The sentences are also expected to be joined by words that effectively provide transition, and thus connect ideas (De, 104). An example of Jane Schaffer strategy for writing a two paragraph chunk would be as follows; TS, CD, CM, CM, CD, CM, CM and CS. This paper seeks to show that the strategy has been effectively used by Gerda Weissman Klein in displaying the themes of the book ‘All But My Life.’ It is about her experiences during World War 2.
Gerda has used Jane Schaffer writing strategy in displaying various themes in the book. One of the themes is sustaining power of hope. The topic sentences of paragraphs that contain bad information are powerful and contain information about hope. Gerda went through a lot of misfortune for example her parents were sent to camps and died there and she was sent on a death march. However, she never lost hope and this is shown by the first sentences. She thus uses words like “less suffering and less happiness” (Klein, 150). She believes that the happiness she has had can outweigh the sorrows brought to her by the war. The other sentences try to explain this theme. An example is that they show that Gerda believes the war brought her...

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