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Thirteen Reasons Why Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Book Report
1. Title: Thirteen Reasons Why
2. This novel was published by Penguin Group (USA) Inc., on July 14th, 2011.
3. The author is Jay Asher, born September 30th, 1975 (Currently 38), and is of American nationality.
4. This story takes place in an unnamed town in the early 21st century, and had a depressing, pessimistic mood to it.
5. The theme to this story is that you may be hurting someone when you don’t know it, be careful of what you say or do because it can affect different people in one way or another.
6. – Hannah Baker. Protagonist. Hannah was the quiet girl at school, but noticed things more than people thought she did. Many rumors went on about her, though she did try to not let them bother her and put them aside. She tried to be as nice as possible, giving people advice, and helping them with their problems in whatever way she could. Guys at the school found her attractive, but only wanted to be her friend because of the rumors they had heard about her. Hannah committed suicide before the story began, so her character was not fully portrayed although we saw her personality through Clay Jensen’s eyes—the narrator of this story.
—Clay Jensen. Protagonist. Clay Jensen was the narrator of this story. He was fairly liked at school, and was even voted Prom King. He had a crush on Hannah, but never had the courage to tell her, or become acquaintances with her. However, whenever they had interacted, he was nice to her the whole time.
—Justin Foley. Antagonist. This character was Hannah’s first kiss. They liked each other so much, but after that kiss had occurred, Justin exaggerated what had really happened between them. He was the reason that Hannah had begun to receive a bad reputation and people were making assumptions about her.
—Courtney Crimsen. Antagonist. At the time when Hannah needed a true friend in her life, she had befriended Courtney, although she was only pretending to be her friend. Courtney was extremely popular, had a great...

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