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This I Believe Essay

  • Submitted by: ranson22
  • on October 24, 2010
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At the age of 7 I believed in the biggest lie told to American children, the existence of Santa Clause. Around Christmas time my mother and I went about our normal Christmas traditions. We went the whole 9 yards, we set our cookies, milk and even a carrot for Rudolph. That Christmas Eve, as was traditional, we spent the evening with my grandparents, uncle, and my cousins.   At around 10 o’clock my mother and I decided we should get home so we could make sure all of Santa’s treats would be ready. After we arrived home my mother sent up to bed. And I soon fell into shallow sleep.
            The sound of a loose step on the staircase woke me. I looked at my bedside clock and saw it was just after midnight. I crept down stairs, hoping I would see Santa. As I walked into the living room I saw my mother quietly placing my Christmas presents underneath our tree. Horrorstruck I decided I would ask my mother about what I saw the next morning. I proceeded to creep back up the stairs as quietly as possible and went back to sleep.
            I woke again at about 5:30 to the sound of my alarm clock and ran to my mothers bedroom. I shook her awake so that we could open up our gifts from “Santa”. I remember I was really excited because I had received everything I had asked for (which was weird because I hadn’t written a letter that year). After breakfast I asked my mom if what I had seen was true. She explained to me that unfortunately it was true, and that she had been Santa ever since I had been born. I was heartbroken, all these years I had believed in a myth created by god-knows-who god-knows-when.
That Christmas my belief was challenged, unfortunately it did not hold when challenged by the truth

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