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Thomas Essay

  • Submitted by: ahlam123
  • on November 25, 2012
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Ahlam Farhat
                                                                                                                                ESL 604
Summary and Response
“Building the Seed Cathedral”
In this presentation, “Building the Seed Cathedral”, Thomas Heatherwick shows five recent project. Moreover, Thomas Heatherwick, who is architecture, has developed a studio in London in last 20 years. He worked in so many projects such as, a hospital building, a shop or a bag company and a temple in Japan. First,   the buses in London had a problem with the   open platform at the back, so the mayor of London recently asked him to design a new bus that gave the passenger their   freedom again. Second, he commissioned to design a bridge that would open and closed. He designed a bridge which looks very boring, but he focused on the way it worked, so the bridge will have the circle shape when the time it closed. Third, recently he asked to design a new biomass power station in Britain,   so he spent time traveling with them and learning about all the different elements that the company has and that helped him a lot while he was designing the building. Indeed, the power station now it’s not only a power station, but also a power park, so he turns one of the poorest areas in Britain to a place where the people could visit. Fourth, he had a competition in Shanghai. He start to think of the world's first major botanical institution is in London, where they've been collecting %25 of the entire world's plant species, and there are many different kind of seeds aren't on show and they're in little paper packets. In this project he was inspired from the film called "Jurassic Park" and from one the children toys. Indeed, he...

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