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Thomas Green Case Study

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1. What are the work styles and personalities of Thomas Green and Frank Davis?

In this article, it is observed that Mr. Green and Mr. Davis use contrasting styles of carrying out their daily working activities as well as having diverse personalities when compared to each other. Furthermore, this clash of style is seen in how each of them interacts with their customers or clients. Frank Davis utilizes tools such as memos, notices, proposals, and suggestions and in addition to that he gives the customer an improved knowledge of what the clients are investing their resources into by making use of accurate facts and figures. On the other hand Thomas Green conveys his ideas to the customers and strongly believes that the customers will be convinced to have faith in the plan that he proposes. This trait makes Mr. Green more of a person that prefers interacting with customers face to face. Mr. Green is portrayed to be very skilled and intellectually superior among his peers, which results in being excessively certain about himself and very pompous. The future of the business was the main concern of Mr. Davis. He is described an idealist that uses raw data to accomplish his objectives. In conclusion, although Thomas Green and Frank Davis had very diverse personalities and working techniques, they both strived to achieve the same aim.

  2. How do actions of Thomas Green differ from the expectations of Frank Davis?

As a result of the actions of Thomas Green, he did not receive an exceptional feedback when his performance was reviewed by this boss Frank Davis. By not updating his Calendar on Outlook, Davis was not able to get in contact with Thomas, which upset his boss. As Davis expects to be informed of the tasks and its progress which are assigned to his specialists and Green not meeting this expectation gave Davis a negative vibe. Along with that Green did not keep up with responsibilities assigned to him, and did what he felt was right. Green had been asked by...

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