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Thorough Savages And Completely Uncivilised Essay

  • Submitted by: Susie123
  • on November 17, 2010
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Many white Americans said that the Native Americans (plains Indians) were uncivilised savages because of the way they thought about their land, religion, morality, law, order and the Native Americans’ society was completely different to the white Americans.
The plains Indians were very religious. They believed in the Great Spirit. They thought that the Great Spirit had created everything. The plains Indians didn’t really have a special religious day or building, their religious belief was basically nature. They would pray whenever they saw something really beautiful. The Indians also believed that when they died, they would go to place which they called the Happy Hunting Ground. However Christians (white Americans) believed that only Good people would go to Heaven when they died. The white Americans thought that the religious beliefs of the Indians were wrong and superstitious because the white Americans believed that there was only one god.
The Indians thought that the land they ‘lived’ on was their mother. They thought that if they didn’t respect her, she wouldn’t take them back into her ‘body’ when they died. That’s why the Indians would not sell nor buy land. They didn’t want to be farmers because they thought that cutting corn was like cutting their mothers hair. They would also refuse to plough land as this was like cutting their mother with a knife. They thought that becoming miners was like disturbing their mother’s bones. Indians basically thought that the land belongs to ALL living things, so they didn’t have the right to keep it for themselves. However the white Americans thought that you could sell or buy the land and that land was there to grow crops. They thought that the Indians were lazy to become farmers and stupid for not willing to make money.
The white Americans were Christians and didn’t like nor understand polygamy (having more than one wife) or the exposure of the old. They thought that the people had to be looked after in their old age...

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