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Three Day Diet Essay

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  • on November 18, 2010
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How does your diet compare to the recommendations you received from the Food Guide Pyramid?  
I did not eat nearly enough compared to my recommendations. I typically only eat half, or less, calories than my recommended amount. My numbers were quite low, which certainly has me concerned.

How many servings from each food group did you consume?
I consumed zero percent of my recommended dairy products, seven percent of my recommended meat and beans, 56% of my vegetables, zero percent of my recommended fruits, and 65% of my grains.

How might you modify your diet to get the recommended servings for each food
Increase my intake of these foods, in a healthy manner though.   I will continue to track my diet, and closely monitor what I eat to ensure I am consuming enough of each food group.

What are some nutrient-rich foods that you could add to your daily diet?
I will add lean meats, such as chicken breast to my salads, drink 100% fruit juice (since I do not like to eat fruit), I will increase my dairy consumption by drinking fat free milk, and incorporate more steamed vegetables and brown rice into my meals.

Examine the food labels for three of the items included on your food diary. List the following components for each of the items:

Total calories per serving –
Muffin – 45g
Pasta – 210g
Alfredo Sauce – 80g

Percentage of calories from fat –
Muffin – 6%
Pasta– 0%
Alfredo Sauce – 5%

Total amount of carbohydrates (in grams)
Muffin – 16g
Pasta – 41g
Alfredo Sauce – 12g

Total amount of protein (in grams)
Muffin – 135
Pasta – 7g
Alfredo Sauce – 2g

Total amount of fiber (in grams)
Muffin – 1g
Pasta – 2g
Alfredo Sauce – 3g

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