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Three Good Trait's Essay

  • Submitted by: kendallswife
  • on November 25, 2012
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Three Good Trait’s

Some people’s traits change when they grow up and some get better like mine. On the other hand my traits came from my mom that’s why I don’t meet a stranger I’m crazy in a funny way and loving .my mom had four kids of her own but she raised my aunts two so we had six kids all the time at the house she has always been an outgoing and loving person. With her you never had a null moment in my life with her she has always been a very crazy lady in a funny way

When we grew up there was always kids everywhere. So on the other hand everywhere we went she knew people are someone they would know. Once on our way to South Carolina every truck stop we stopped at she would find someone to talk to. That lady could talk for hours to strangers! Although we were from MS, she would find someone she knew or they would know someone she knew because she knows so many people. Even the cops, if someone said she did something they would bring more cops because she had a mean side too. All knew her in a good way or a bad one.

Have you ever met someone and the first time they could make you laugh like you knew them forever well she could? Whether or not if you just meet or knew her for years. She would just crack you up with all kinds of jokes. Even when she was sad she didn’t let it show. By the time I was a teen I was just like her! As soon as I would meet you I would have you laughing. She is one of those people that loved to embarrass me when I was in Jr. High. She came to check me out and as soon as I seen her in the hall I turned and went back to class. This woman had on a bright pink sock on one foot and a bright green one on the other with a striped shirt and plaid shorts! Can you say embarrass!

I use to love how my mom would invite any one to our house for holidays. She didn’t care what color or anything if they were hungry she feed them because she was loving like that. One of the most important things, she always made sure we had food and she...

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