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Thug Culture In Society Essay

  • Submitted by: turne1dm
  • on November 13, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Dimitri Turner
Professor Snow
Eng 101 9 a.m.
29 October 2010

Thug culture is wide spread throughout society and is looked up to by the youth of society.   Thug life is glorified by the media, through movies, music, and television shows.   Even in video games, kids find it easy being a thug just because they know how to work the joystick and in reality they do not know that being a thug is more than a simple mashing of buttons.   The media’s constant display of being a gangster gives the idea to individuals that it is fine to be those characters in those movies, video games, and music.   People see thug culture on television and in video games every day which makes it more of a norm in society when it is really not.   Hollywood movies and the media’s depiction of gangster make criminal behavior more acceptable and corrupt the minds of youth.
Some people may think Hollywood movies, and the media’s constant display of gangster does not hurt anyone and it is just for show.   People will not think criminal behavior is more acceptable because of music, movies, and video games because it is not real.   Individuals understand that in those forms of entertainment, it is all for show and no one actually gets in trouble or even hurt.   Individuals will not believe that it is fine for them to use the criminal behavior they have seen in Hollywood films and games because in reality, they would get in trouble.   This portrayal of gangster from the media will not corrupt the minds of youth because most gangster related films, games, and music is intended for adult audiences and these forms of entertainment will not reach the level of youth.   Most of this content is R rated or PG-13 so the youth in society will not be able to see the constant display of thug culture throughout society.
Despite that, thug related games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Mafia II & II, corrupts the mind of children.   The production of video games are directed to the younger generation of...

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