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Timeline Case Study

  • Submitted by: Jazmin88
  • on November 17, 2010
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Case History

For my case study I am going to be looking at the life of Simon Neil between 1960 and 1980. I will look back at some of the key educational events, such as the 11 plus exam and the tripartite system. I will look at how they influenced the educational opportunities he had and how they had an impact on the choices he made later on in life.

In order for me to gain knowledge on Simon’s history I conducted a one on one interview with him and asked him several questions about he’s childhood like: how would you describe your childhood? What ambitions and aspirations did you have? I then went on to ask him about the memories he had of school, what he liked and disliked. Did they have an effect on the choices he made for his children? The answers to these questions then allowed me to look back in history and analyse how and if they had an impact on him.

Simon was born in Blunham, Bedfordshire on 22nd November 1959 to Margret and John Neil. John Neil was the director of a local brick building company in Bedford and Margret Neil was a primary school teacher. Simon grew up in a middle class family. His father was very Victorian in a sense he had very strict rules for him and he’s siblings. He was the fifth born child out of six children. Simon recalls having a very good and fun childhood. “My family were very close nit and mum and dad were always there for us to talk to”. He’s family would go on a holiday once a year to Cornwall. “This was the highlight of my year”.
In 1964 at the age of five Simon started Blunham Voluntary Primary School. At age nine in 1968, Simon’s family moved from Blunham to Tempsford where he and his younger brother who was aged 8 attended Tempsford County primary school.
At age 11 Simon sat the 11 plus exam which had been set up as a result of the Butler Education Act 1944. “In 1944 the Butler Education Act established a Ministry of Education with the power to influence LEAs and created a universal system of secondary education...

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