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Tiziano Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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The Eternal Woman
The Venetian Renaissance, paintings and female figures
of Titiano Vecellio

1.1. Introduction

„… we shall always doubt how far they were painted as portraits, how far out of pure artistic impulse, and wether we are looking at some particular beauty, or a problem of beauty grown into a picture.”Jacob Burckhardt (Cicerone.1908; p. 190-191) in his work entitled Cicerone writes about Tiziano works so. Onto first reading caught, and aroused my interest. Titian prominent Venetian Renaissance artist, who with the portraits of women and nudes, created the eternal female beauty and female ideal. In my essay on the short historical overview of the work of predecessors, the characteristics of Titian painting, I examine the female figures, the shaping of woman, and their symbolism. I will deal with his innovations used in the depiction of the body, then I analyse the Danae title picture. Finally, I summarize the procedure described in the work of importance.
1.2. Body
1.2.1. Cradle of arts in Venice
Between fragmented city-states of Italy, Venice remained a commercial center and an independent republic. As a commercial center with an extensive trade to the Mediterranean Asia Minor, cities of Egypt and Syria.Not only goods, but also inthe eastern culture and way of life permeated Venice.   So Venice flourished in the 16th century and Italy was the most splendid city in which the art were favored. The art has become the tool of representation and glorification of the state.
In Italy the art had not imagined golden age downed, which is the reflection of classical antiquity was. So Renaissance left the constraints in the Middel Ages, and entirely new targets stitched up. In addition of religious inspiration, now mythological themes were selected, as well as interest in the sciences also intensified the arts. As a result of these changes, the Renaissance man realized the importance of their existence and had a need for others to capture the image of...

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