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Tma01 Making Social Lives Open University Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Drawing on what you have learned about City Road from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, describe some of the ways in which social order is made and repaired on a street which you know.
Social order is made and repaired on every street, without this it would lead to social disintegration. By using order and repair we manage to keep things running smoothly. Order is made and repaired on a day to day basis whether we see it or not, order is not always noticed and is sometimes taken for granted.
High Street in Cheadle is the main road of shops and is used day and night by the local community. In the day people use it for everyday activities, for example shopping, going to the bank, socialising in cafes and coffee shops. At night there are pubs and restaurants for people to socialise. Although High Street is a short road in a small village, it has a wide variety of places to visit.
Order is made, maintained and repaired by the local community, using the litter bins provided we manage to keep our street clean. The council also provides dog waste bins and degradable ‘Scoop the poop’ bags are given to dog owners to prevent dog faeces been left on local streets. If this is not always happening then we have a less visible kind of order set in place which helps repair this, street cleaners are employed to do this maintenance as and when necessary.
As on any other street the High street has lots of vehicles passing through it every day including local bus services. Pedestrian crossings and traffic lights are put in

place to maintain order yet many people take these for granted, they do maintain order as there are hardly ever any road traffic accidents occurring in the community..
The High street may have a wide variety of places to visit regards to shopping however there is not much on offer for the likes of teenagers and young adults. There are a several charity shops along the High Street which in a sense makes and maintains order...

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