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To Act Or Not To Act--That Is The Question Action Essay

  • Submitted by: lelekins28
  • on November 11, 2010
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Below is an essay on "To Act Or Not To Act--That Is The Question Action" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Action and inaction are two aspects that literature seamlessly intertwines into the plot, tone, and overall depiction of plays.   There is always good and evil and right and wrong.   By foiling them off of one another, the story line evolves dramatically, causing characters to develop and grow into more well-rounded and ,many times, more relatable and understandable people.   This especially is the case in Hamlet.   By Shakespeare using Hamlet and Laertes as comparable characters, the true colors of their personas begin to unfold.  
While it is obvious that both Laertes and Hamlet have similarities to one another, such as their fathers being murdered and their rage and anger becoming the pushing force of their beings from then on out, the ways in which they go about their revenge and attack on the matter at hand is quite different.
Hamlet is the embodiment of inaction in this play.   His father is murdered.   He is visited by the ghost of his dead father, told that Claudius is the mastermind behind the killing, and then what happens next?   Most readers would expect Hamlet to burst into the throne room, the bedroom, or anywhere he could get a hold of Claudius to immediately revenge his father’s death.   Instead, he delays for a massive amount of time, seeming to simply beat around the bush and discover new excuses as to why he should not kill Claudius instantly.   The delay would be more understandable if he, like most avengers in stories, had to delay due to the fact that they were unsure of the actual killer, but Hamlet is directly told via his father that Claudius was his murderer.   Therefore, his cowardly ways are personified even more.   Laertes is flawlessly contrasted to Hamlet in this sense.   When Hamlet finally obtains the impudence to kill Claudius, while he is meeting and intensely discussing the aforementioned matter with his mother, he unintentionally mistakes Polonious for Claudius behind the curtain.   Laertes, as opposed to Hamlet, immediately attempts his...

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