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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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To Kill a Mockingbird |
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Evil exists everywhere in the world. One can simply look around and realize that evil occurs all the time. The planet is slowing being destroyed by the human race through every small or big action. What is worse is that young, innocent children have to live in such a world, surrounded by so much evil, and on top of that, it is terrible that they have to experience it. It is true that some challenges a person has to face in life will make them stronger, but that only applies to a certain degree, and to a certain group of people, which does not include children. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird written by Harper Lee, the young girl, Scout, has to experience the evil in the world at a very young age. Throughout three years of her early life, Scout has to experience forms of evil like prejudgement, racism and insensitivity, as well as learn from them.

“Jem and I hated Mrs. Dubose. If she was on the porch and we passed, we would be raked by her wrathful gaze, subjected to ruthless interrogation regarding our behaviour, and given a melancholy prediction on what we would amount to when we grow up, which was always nothing. ... She was vicious.” (Lee       ) Scout is a very young girl, much too young to understand what prejudgement is and how bad it is to do it. Just like any human being, she is capable of judging people without knowing anything about them, but by basing her opinions on their looks or actions. At a very early age she herself does this in regards to Mrs. Dubose. Scout views this woman as a terrible person. She hates her. At first sight, seeing the way she acted and talked to people, anybody would feel the same way Scout felt. However, in reality, no one really knew Mrs. Dubose well enough to know why she acted the way she did. Yet, no one bothered to find out. Everyone continued to judge her based on rumours and simple conversations they had kept with her in the past....

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