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Toddler & Tiaras Essay

  • Submitted by: killerqueen33
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Scars & Tiaras
Childhood is sacred; everything is new and everything is pure, it shouldn’t be tainted. Although some believe that child beauty pageants help build self-esteem and instill confidence the negative effects far more outweigh the benefits. Being involved in beauty pageants at a young age can ruin a child psychologically, they punch major dents into families’ wallets, and they contribute to the sexualization of young girls. Eventually, these pageants will destroy the innocence of childhood.
The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. Yet, there are children out there putting on acts heavily filled with adult content, even though they do not understand what’s being exposed. Recently, on the TLC television show Toddler’s & Tiaras a three year-old girl portrayed Julie Roberts’ famous character from the movie Pretty Women. In this classic ‘90s film Roberts’ plays a prostitute turned into an upstanding woman. Wearing a short, blue, bodycon skirt, a crisp, white halter top, a pair of tall, black pleather boots, and a platinum blonde wig; the three year old strutted her stuff for the eager audience, her enthusiastic mother, and the millions watching at home. These are the types of scandalous acts that can ruin a child completely. Performing in beauty pageants can lead to “struggles with perfection, dieting, eating disorders and body image can take their toll in adulthood.” (Cartwright)   The trails that come with the constant practicing and preparing for a contest can simply tear a child apart “tears, tantrums and fits frequently ensue with some adults mocking crying children. As result, child performers may believe that parental and/or adult love or approval are anchored to how perfectly they look or how well they ignite the stage with their presence.” (Cartwright) Hardly recognizable the tiny pageant princesses and princes bounce around the stage in head to toe frills. Hair extensions, spray tans, pounds of make-up, fake eyelashes, flippers...

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