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Touch Essay

  • Submitted by: sparksfly
  • on November 1, 2010
  • Category: English
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I am a pet groomer. I work with many kinds of animals. People bring in all kinds of animals they call their pets. The pet that I enjoy working with the most is an older basset hound.
Buddy is a thirteen year old basset hound that comes in every other week for a shampoo and nail trimming. Buddy’s fur is softer than a rabbits fur from all the years I have washed him. His age also plays a role. As I scrub his fur, it feels as if I am running my fingers through a soft furry jacket. It doesn’t feel like an old dog. I rinse and dry him off with a towel as he shakes the last of the drops of water off.
As I reach for a paw, I notice that the top part of his paw is very soft from his fur, but the bottom feels as if it were an old leather belt. I begin grinding down the dogs nails with a small tool that looks like a toothbrush. The end of the small tool spins so rapidly it sounds as if you are putting air in a car tire. To the dog, all he feels is a slight pull on his paw as if I was to take a finger and barely put pressure on his nail.
As I give Buddy back to his owner, I think of how soft and light his fur is. Then, I’m called back to another customer. I finish my day working with some little kid’s turtle.

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