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Trade Essay

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In our world today with so much warfare and unrest it is hard to feel a complete sense of security that we once felt when international trade come to existence.   Due to security issues and uncertainty felt amongst many people it is openly understood why during our debate over international trade, the issue of a sense of insecurity was brought up. The concept of international trade surely brings up security issues but as that topic developed so did the thought of trade making items available to the consumer that would not be otherwise available without trade amongst countries.

This began the subject and idea of who is performing the jobs to supply these items for trade and then the thought of illegal and immoral employment practices developed along with the idea that jobs should be left here in the US as the homeless and unemployed are at a dramatic rise.   Along with this topic the debate came to the conclusion that while keeping jobs within our own borders sounds wonderful, if so then we would not have the things that we have now since the US may not have the ability or know how to supply certain things.

When it comes to the effect of government policy on economic behavior, in the debate, it was agreed pretty much that the increase isn’t as much a help as it seems to be a hindrance in an already diminishing economy whereas people are financially struggling already. Along with that, also the concept of the amount of money that is being spent on the wars that the US is fighting was also a reason for unsettlement among the group.

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