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Traditional Biomass Energy Essay

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Traditional Biomass Energy
Improving its Use and Moving to Modern Energy Use1

Thematic Background Paper January 2004


Stephen Karekezi African Energy Policy Research Network, Kenya Kusum Lata Tata Energy Research Institute, India Suani Teixeira Coelho University of São Paulo, Brasil


Secretariat of the International Conference for Renewable Energies, Bonn 2004

Reviewers and Contributors: Jose Goldemberg, Maxwell Mapako, Omar Masera, Oswaldo Lucon, Patricia Guardabassi, Akanksha Chaurey, Abel Mbewe, Margaret Skutch, Elizabeth Cecelski, Dirk Aßmann, J. Saghir; Waeni Kithyoma and Ezekiel Manyara Contributors who provided key contacts and sources of additional literature: Gustavo Best, Miguel Trosserro, Margaret Skutch, and Elizabeth Cecelski

This is one of 12 Thematic Background Papers (TBP) that have been prepared as thematic background for the International Conference for Renewable Energies, Bonn 2004 (renewables 2004). A list of all papers can be found at the end of this document. Internationally recognised experts have prepared all TBPs. Many people have commented on earlier versions of this document. However, the responsibility for the content remains with the authors. Each TBP focusses on a different aspect of renewable energy and presents policy implications and recommendations. The purpose of the TBP is twofold, first to provide a substantive basis for discussions on the Conference Issue Paper (CIP) and, second, to provide some empirical facts and background information for the interested public. In building on the existing wealth of political debate and academic discourse, they point to different options and open questions on how to solve the most important problems in the field of renewable energies. All TBP are published in the conference documents as inputs to the preparation process. They can also be found on the conference website at www.renewables2004.de.

Executive Summary
Biomass energy is an...

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