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Traditions Essay

  • Submitted by: victoriaemma1619
  • on November 17, 2013
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The leaves change their colors from green to yellow, orange, and red.   The presence of the beautiful autumn colors shows everybody that the fall and winter holidays are soon to come.   People rushing almost a whole month before the holiday created originally for dressing up as a saint, Halloween.   The next big holiday in which people go all out with the decorations would be Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ.   As a Catholic, our holiday tradtiions usually follow the same type of pattern in families like mass on the morning of Jesus' birthday and Easter morning, but probably not many Catholic families create the Halloween costume for the man of the house, the father of a family.   We create costumes almost every year for my father to wear on Halloween.   Christmas morning seems to be a kid's favorite day of the whole year.   On Easter, our family barely ever talks about the Easter Bunny, instead celebrates the Resurrection of our Savior.
Making an Easter Bunny suit for my dad for a Halloween costume would be weird, that's why we made a CareBear costume two years back for the Halloween of 2011.   My parents decided to buy a black type of rough fabric with a salt-and-pepper tint to it and turn that into the fur.   My mom got a little bit of a red piece of cloth.   She cut it into a heart and sewed it onto the butt of the costume.   I do not know who decided on the name of the CareBear, but whoever did chose it did it with good intentions.   That original CareBear was named the Safe-Sex CareBear.   I, along with all of my siblings, had no doings with the suit after we sewed it to make the body.   The other features like the pouch were added when us kids weren't in the perimeter at the time.
The children of the family did help out a bunch on the SpongeBob and the man carrying a Port-A-Potty.   Around five years ago, the family tore apart our old couch.   It had a spongy, yellow foam type of material for the seat.   We decided that it would make an amazing SpongeBob costume.   My...

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