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Traffic Accidents in Vietnam Essay

  • Submitted by: pipita
  • on November 25, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Traffic Accidents in Vietnam" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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                                                            Traffic Accidents in Vietnam
        In Vietnam, nowadays, there is a factor that is totally caused by human and can be avoided by human, but it killed more people than any other accidents, diseases or disasters. It is traffic accident.
      Although Vietnamese government and Vietnamese people had a lot of efforts in increasing the traffic safety and decreasing the number of traffic accidents, the number of traffic accidents is still at the very high level According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam, in 2007, the country had 14.504 cases of traffic accident, killing 12.982 persons and injuring 10.628 others. In 2008, Vietnam had 12.816 cases of traffic accident, killing 11.594 persons and injuring 8.064 others. In 2011, the country had 12,100 cases of traffic accident, killing 10,100 persons and injuring 9,300 others. As compared to 2010, cases of traffic accident decreased by 2.9%, the death by 2.5% but the wounded rose 2.9%. In 2011, on average, each day the country had 36 cases of traffic accident, killing 30 persons and injuring 28 others. (Social)
        There are several main factors that cause many traffic accidents in Vietnam nowadays: the system of main streets, the annual growth of vehicles and the responsibility of drivers.
        First, the system of the main streets in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City must be improved or upgraded. It is awful to move along the streets of Ho Chi Minh City because most of them are in bad condition, narrow and some are full of holes, either big or small. In addition, during the rainy season many streets are flooded with water after a heavy rain. If we are not careful enough, we easily hit other people or fall off our bike or motorbike. Besides that, the “unreasonable” division of road space between motorbikes and cars is one of the...

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