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Training Plan

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Needs Assessment
The purpose of needs assessment is to determine the required skills, knowledge and attributes of human capital so an organization can meet its overall business strategy. A carefully organized approach of identifying the required skills will enable an organization to determine where immediate skill gaps occur and provide opportunities for the organization to offer support through classes, job shadowing, on the job training or computer based programs.
A needs assessment is a structured plan to approach the planning of a solid training program. It is comprised of five areas.
Environmental Analysis: Careful review of the external factors of the organization.
Availability of skilled candidates in the market
External factors changing workforce demand
Judicial decisions
Civil rights laws
Organizational Analysis: Recognizing training that is supportive of the strategic direction of the company.
Organizational goals
Available resources
Demographical Analysis: Identifying special requirements of particular groups.
Older workers
Managers or levels within the organization
Operational Analysis: Determining the content of the training, what does an employee need to know to perform well?
Determine required tasks
List skill requirements
Recognize constraints
Individual Analysis: Identifying individuals needing training
Identifying the tasks an employee will be expected to learn
Log expectations
Recognize under performance
The team at Atwood Consulting has undertaken performance of all five analyses in order to provide Marylee Luther with a solid understanding of the framework supporting our recommended training plan.
Environmental Analysis
Our previous market evaluation included in the compensation and benefits recommendation included important information that remains true to the environmental analysis concerning training.
We determined that the regional area surrounding Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale had the...

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