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Trench Warfare Essay

  • Submitted by: charlessykes
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: History
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Body Paragraph and conclusion

In “The Cabuliwallah” the theme change is present several times throughout the story.   The first time theme is shown is when she finally gets to meet a Cabuliwallah.   Five year old talkative Mini calls out “O Cabuliwallah! Cabuliwallah” (Rabindranath Tagore, pg. 323) when she notices him walking around. She ends up getting his attention, when the Cabuliwallah walks up to the house Mini surprisingly hides away behind her father. Mini’s thoughts of the Cabuliwallah are horrible, she views the Cabuliwallah as a man who kidnaps little children which frightens her. As the story continues Mini and the Cabuliwallah’s relationship gradually progress’. Mini has learned to adapt and make relationship with the Cabuliwallah and begins to spend more time with him. Knowing that he is friendly to her she seems to be more comfortable around him than she was before.   As the story goes on and Mini becomes more mature and older. The Cabuliwallah decides to visit Mini, not knowing that she is getting married that day, he arrives at her house. When the Cabuliwallah approaches he still remembers Mini as the same small talkative five year old who would call out “Cabuliwallah!” every time she sees him. “He imagined that they would laugh and talk together, just as in the past. In fact, in memory of those former days he had brought, carefully wrapped up in paper, a few almonds and raisins and grapes, somehow obtained from a countryman- his own little fund was gone.” (Rabindranath Tagore, Pg 324-325) This has changed, Mini is less excited and more confused than happy.   The Cabuliwallah then realizes that while he was put in “father-in-laws house” time has passed and people has changed.   He has to learn to adapt and accept the changes that has come. Not everyone will stay the same for years, people change.
In the following story, “Through the Tunnel” an 11 year old English boy named Jerry is on vacation in a foreign country with his mother.   The story’s...

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