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Trickster Stories Essay

  • Submitted by: ms5345
  • on November 18, 2013
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Reflection: “Revenge of the Blue Corn Ear Maiden”
Traditional stories are told through time, but not all stories get to come around down the story lane. “Revenge of the Blue Corn Ear Maiden” was very well written and I thought had a good message. First of, the story starts off by saying it happened a long time ago in the Oraibi area. These are two maidens who are suppose to be friends, but one of them does not feel the same about the other; the maidens are Yellow Corn Ear and Blue Corn Ear. In attempt to hurt Blue Corn Ear, Yellow Corn Ear does some supernatural powers against Blue Corn Ear. These supernatural powers were quite interesting because it is only one of them who have the ability to harm someone via supernatural powers. To me that just says “vulnerability” for Blue Corn Ear. As I read this story I came to believe that this story could definitely be told for entertainment and can convey a great message to educate people who have or do similar deeds.
The story has great potential to be told for entertainment because it is a good story and it keeps us interested throughout. In comparison to some stories which have no loop or mystery. The story is short and straight to the point. A story like this can keep someone amused in order to pass some time. It could even provide deep self-reflection. Deep self-reflection can be brought by allowing us to reflect on our own mistakes. Any harm or similar deed that we may have done in our past or that we keep on doing at this moment.   When it comes to entertainment “Revenge of the Blue Corn Maiden” definitely keeps an audience entertained. For example, there is a scene where the Blue Corn Ear attempts to return to her home still being a coyote. She cannot return because the dogs keep keeping her out. As I read this scene I felt connected to it because in real life situations sometimes we feel that way. Trying so hard to come back to a place where we are excluded. For example if we argue with our parents. I believe...

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