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Twilight Essay

  • Submitted by: browneyes1628
  • on November 2, 2010
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Below is an essay on "Twilight" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Cierra WilliamsIn the Twilight Saga Bella struggles with many decisions. Mostly, these are decisions we would never even contemplate in our everyday lives. Like falling in love with a werewolf. Or choosing to become a vampire. But in the Twilight Saga these are dilemmas Bella is faced with every day. She constantly debates over what is right and wrong in the world she lives in. More importantly, she frequently has to choose between life or death. That is why you never really know what she will do next. Most of the time her decisions should have cost her her life, but whenever she is faced with death someone steps in to save her every time.The first book in this Saga is Twilight. Bella moves to Forks, Washington to live with her father (Charlie) so that her mother (Renee) can travel with her new husband. On her first day of school, she meets Edward. The first time they meets he can not stand to be around her. It was as if he was disgusted   by her, or her smell to say the least. The next day Bella waits for him so she can confront him but, he does not show. Then, one day she is outside after school and a car comes speeding right for her. Edward jumps in between her and the car and saves her by pushing the car away with his bare hands. After this, they become friends. Although, she still has her doubts about him. While hanging out with her friend Jacob, his family told her some old legends about people called “The Cold Ones”who were vampires. Eventually, she puts it all together and realizes that Edward is a vampire. But she falls in love with him anyway. One day when she was out with Edward's family, they came across another vampire coven, and one of the vampires picked up her scent and it was like she was a magnet. He wanted her blood and no one was going to stop him. He tricks her to return to her hometown and tries to kill her. Edward saves her again, and   kills the vampire.In the second book   New Moon Edward   thinks that he in putting Bella's life in jeopardy so...

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