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Twitter Activism Essay

  • Submitted by: AlejandroLoran
  • on November 23, 2012
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Social Media and Activism
Technology and the creation of the Internet, has made social networking a popular tool for communication around the world. We are currently living in the age of information and technology that enables us to be more connected to the outside world. Social networking has become a massive part of our world and it has facilitated the way information is shared at an instantaneous rate. Connected individuals have been able to engage in activism by communicating their message through social networks. The fact that social networks, such as Twitter, have no censorship makes them a useful tool for users to express their opinions freely. Contrary to social media, mainstream media, such as television, radio and newspapers are sources of withheld information displayed to the public. The government controls what is seen and heard on the TV, radio or newspapers, regulating and altering the message for their own benefit. The use of social media for activism is becoming more and more popular. Currently many activists around the world are relying on social networks to spread their message and organize themselves to take action over an issue. Activists have taken over the social media. Social movements have emerged in Mexico and been supported by social networks similar to the ones witnessed recently in Greece, Egypt, Libya, Spain, US and elsewhere.
During the 2012 presidential elections in Mexico, a huge controversy broke out against Enrique Pena Nieto, the candidate for the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party). Soon enough, a group of students formed a student activist movement on Twitter known as #YoSoy132. This group has now developed into a movement for democratization in the country. Twitter helps social movements for activism to successfully grow due to the fact that it is not censored. It acts as an efficient communication tool, spreads information and helps encourage action towards the issue.
Mass media plays an important role in society as...

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