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Unhealthy Eating Habits of Adults Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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Dr. Joseph
October 4, 2013
Essay 1 Draft 3
Unhealthy Eating Habits of Adults
In “Sweet Spot: How Sugary-Cereal Makers Target Kids,” Bonnie Rochman reports that studies show that commercials advertising sugary cereals are affecting children in a negative way (63-64). This allows children to think what they’re eating is healthy. When children start consuming unhealthy foods at a young age, this causes them to take on a bad habit of eating these types of foods as adults. Growing into their adulthood, children should realize what they should and should not eat. So when becoming an adult, they should know what and what not to eat. Because of this issue, some adults consume unhealthy foods of many kinds.
One kind of unhealthy foods that some adults consume is fatty foods. For their busy and hectic schedules, some adults don’t take time to fix their own meals. Snacks are a high consumption from some adults. Chips are fatty and quick to eat. Deep fried foods are also high in fat, because of all the grease that it’s cooked in. Some adults devour fried chicken. Another common fatty food for some adults is the deserts. After eating dinner I would enjoy some ice cream, I recon some adults would too.   Unhealthy foods that some adults consume can be very harmful to their bodies.  
Another kind of unhealthy foods that some adults consume is sugary foods. One type of food that’s filled with sugar, which some adults consume, is candy. Candy can become a huge lure some adults who regard its multiple shades and tastes. For its variety of flavors and colors, Skittles would be a number one pick for some adults over any type of candy. Cake can also be a big attraction to some adults who have a craving.   Chocolate cake is packed with chocolate icing, which is complete with sugar. To wash down the abundant, desiccated piece of cake, some adults may need a drink. A pleasant glass of lemonade would satisfy them. Some adults consume loads of sugary foods on a daily...

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